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EFAC for Joint Health

EFAC has set a new standard for joint health with remarkable clinical trial results. Glucosa-mine, chondroitin, MSM, and HA etc. simply do not compare. EFAC is far more effective and much faster acting!

EFAC Pain Cream

EFAC’s true absorbency deep into the skin enables it to reach sore muscles and joints.

IP6 for Immune Support

There are multiple benefits of IP6 and Inositol. This potent, yet largely unknown antioxidant, is patented for immune support, assists in sugar metabolism and supports healthy kidney function.

IP6 also plays a key role in bone health! There are thousands of medical research papers on IP6 and inositol. Read up on IP6 Research.

Slowly & Surely

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Puricell contains EFAC’s natural cellular lubricating oils. It is the best moisturizer
you will ever use.

Puricell FAQ’s


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