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Medically designed to protect against inflammation.

Puricell skin care system was medically designed to protect against what many experts believe to be our skin’s greatest enemy — inflammation.

Inflammation affects the moisture content of our cells and their ability to function optimally. Besides the premature aging and wrinkling of skin, inflammation is also believed to play a major role in several common skin conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis etc.

Puricell utilizes the same clinically proven, natural anti-inflammatories as found in our EFAC products. Puricell features an even greater percentage of the active ingredient, especially the eye cream. Puricell has the unique ability to penetrate the skin and address inflammation at the cellular level, whereas many skin care products simply sit on the skin.

Once in the tissues, Puricell counters the drying and aging affects of inflammation, which ultimately leads to healthy, younger looking skin.

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